The Future of Investing

Welcome to The Carbon Bank.

The Carbon Bank is an investment platform that enables dynamic, trusted and transparent trading of carbon that is banked by farmers.

Some of our Farms

We are being trusted by more and more farms everyday with one of their most valuable assets... the carbon under their feet..

With Banksy, you never have to worry about unpaid bills and skipping coffees to save money. We help you plan ahead so you can achieve your goals--and celebrate them!

We enable farmers to:

Implement good farming practices that sequester carbon in their soil.
Validate their bank Carbon, and manage their real-time carbon value through dynamic soil measurements and data
To bank, trade and grow carbon wealth

We enable people and organisations to:

Follow, support and invest in good farmers
Offset, trade and grow carbon wealth
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How it works

For Farmers

A farmer opens a Carbon Bank Account

Through a validated process, a farmer implements good farming practices supported by The Carbon Bank Platform.

A farmer now has a BANKED carbon value and their carbon wealth is constantly updated and displayed on The Carbon Bank Account.

A farmer can now TRADE their banked carbon, and convert it into their currency of choice.

The platform enables a farmer to dynamically validate their soil test, and bank any sequestered carbon.

A farmer can ask for INVESTMENT on the platform for any initiatives or new farms that can bank future carbon.

An organisation may choose to invest in a specific farm to secure their future carbon credits or may choose to invest in a farm for future carbon value

How it works

For Individuals and organisations

A person or organisation signs up and creates a Carbon Bank Account

They now can choose to follow a farm, and keep track of their good farming practices and banked carbon wealth

They can OFFSET their carbon footprint

For any Farmer seeking investment on the platform they can;

An organisation may choose to INVEST in farm to secure their future carbon credits
An organisation or individual may choose to INVEST in a farm for future carbon value
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The Carbon Bank Helps:

Save farmers costs on average by 10% and increases yield 
on average 12%

Provides new incomes streams (e.g. 1 of our farms just earn  $60K this year)
Enables farmers to grow positive wealth (i.e. wealth that helps the planet)
Ultimately addresses climate change